# Identity Provider Configuration

This article describes how to configure Pomerium to use a third-party identity service for single-sign-on.

There are a few configuration steps required for identity provider integration. Most providers support OpenID Connect (opens new window) which provides a standardized identity and authentication interface.

In this guide we'll cover how to do the following for each identity provider:

  1. Set a Redirect URL (opens new window) pointing back to Pomerium. For example, https://${authenticate_service_url}/oauth2/callback.
  2. Generate a Client ID and Client Secret.
  3. Generate a Service Account for additional IdP Data.
  4. Configure Pomerium to use the Client ID and Client Secret keys.
  5. Configure Pomerium to synchronize directory data from your identity provider (e.g. groups membership), by setting a service account.


You must configure an IdP Service Account to write policy against group membership, or any other data that does not uniquely identify an end-user.